Hackathon Description

Our Founder Chimeren Peerbhai took part as an “ideas person” and product/project manager at Tesco Labs Health 48 Hour Hackathon. She pitched a concept and managed team (won most enthusiastic reward) to build an app that used gamification, location beacons and personalisation to remind, reward and educate consumers for making healthier choices.

WHEN: September 2014

WHERE: Tesco 48 hour Hackathon at Rainmaking Loft, London UK

ABOUT: Tesco asked developers, designers and marketers to take part over a weekend to come up with the best health-themed innovation to improve their service for customers.
The challenge was to develop ideas on how Tesco could:
• help customers to easily make healthier food choices in store and online
• share with customers their data to help them understand their own behaviour and increase their awareness about healthy food and healthy living
• show customers how they compare with others like them, others near them, their friends and family, or wider regional or national averages
• help customers connect with other customers to share stories, tips, advice etc
• educate customers about healthy living and healthy food in an innovative way
• help customers track/share/find out more about what they’re buying and eating
• explore how the ‘internet of things’ might help our customers live healthier lives

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