Shama and MiMu

The world’s first wearable tech gloves cross-arts performance is coming to Southbank Centre in London

A Musical Storyteller Using Wearable Tech Gloves From The Future

Multi-awarded PhD researcher Shama Rahman brings science and art on stage on May 24th at the Southbank, as part of The Alchemy festival. She will bring her sitar cabaret and libretto performance to the future utilising pioneering smart clothing called, wearable tech gloves that enables her to control the music with gestures while interacting with the accompanying dancers.

Shama Rahman is bringing sitar outside of its Indian norm, exploring electro-acoustic cross-genre songs, highlighting the instrument’s versatility with jazz improvisation, electronica, urban and world beats in combination with Indian/Western classical melodies and folk storytelling.

The gloves will be used as a centrepiece during the performance to bring together music, visuals and dancers while Shama Rahman will perform her new album ‘Truth Be Told’. The album is a transformative journey told through personal life experiences, an attempt to answer Sufi poet Rumi’s questions “Is it True?”, “Is it Necessary?”, “Is it Kind?”. wearable tech glove

The stage on her fingertips

For Shama the wearable tech gloves have become essential, as they sense her movements allowing her to trigger samples and control music parameters directly with gestures, so the movements can be choreographed into a form of dance, leading and led by music.

“Technology is advancing every single day, and that means music is too. I’ve studied this first-hand for my PhD in Neuroscience of Musical Creativity. That has made me want to push all creative boundaries as far as they will go. I know that my live interpretations of this album could open many doors and make people think about the future of music. That’s where I want to be.” Shama Rahman

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