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VersaStyle offers thought leadership and consultancy in the areas of emerging technology and marketing innovation, unlocking new methods for clients to achieve transformative business outcomes.

Learn anytime, anywhere with our online training courses covering Wearables, IoT, AR & VR!

Our first eLearning course has launched! It aims to demystify wearable technologies, so you can begin utilizing them now, as part of your product or marketing strategy. As marketers and entrepreneurs, staying current on emerging technologies is often pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. Navigating unchartered channels can be tricky, especially if you don’t always know what they are or why you’d want to use them. But what if you could use them could stand out from the crowd?

Wearable technologies are widely forecast to be one of the most disruptive technology developments since the smartphone. Juniper Research forecasts the wearable market to grow from $1.4 billion in 2014 to $19 billion by 2018. Can you really risk not considering this rapidly growing opportunity?

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We offer full service consultancy from research, strategy and implementation.

You’ll appreciate the value of a committed and capable consultant to ensure your pilots run smoothly across brands, creatives, developers and test markets to keep harmony throughout the process. You can rely upon our knowledge of emerging technology marketing and product tactics, assessment of each platform’s effectiveness, as well as their limitations, production processes, workflow issues, costings and production timing.

We help surface your core problems and formulate opportunities to use the potential of Smart devices, AR and VR technologies to reshape your business processes, or fundamentally impact customer engagement. We devise the business case, strategies and roadmap to meet your objectives through cost modelling and implementation analysis to ensure your pilots are not only successful but can also easily be scaled.

Technology experts enhance your team’s capacity for successful wearables marketing with engaging, customized programs.

Increase your team’s learning potential with in person training and workshops taught by our renowned subject matter experts, who share their knowledge using proven teaching methods. We can customize programs to deliver the skills your business requires and an experience employees find engaging and rewarding.

Beyond strategy, we can help bring ideas to life in a comprehensive way!

By providing UX services such as; creative concepts, storyboards, wireframes and technical requirements. Ensuring your products and campaigns are cost effective, innovative yet feasible, delightful to use and positively impact your customers.

When you are ready to build your prototype and begin piloting, our unique partnership model ensures your project can benefit from collaboration between our extensive network of vetted partners with diverse specialities. We effectively plan custom projects requiring selection and management of multiple partners throughout the production process.



Widespread wearable tech is inevitable. Adapting now means a huge competitive advantage when the market explodes. VersaStyle consultants profitably integrate wearables into your business model with expert marketing consulting and prototyping product management services.

Online Training

Learn how to engage customers with wearable tech before your competitors! Dynamic video lectures provide training whenever and wherever you need it.

Live Training

Technology experts offer customised workshops to enhance your team’s capacity to engage customers with novel products, services, and marketing campaigns.


Expert consultants identify effective wearable channels and show you how to optimize those mediums for higher conversion rates.


Masterfully use wearable tech to attract new prospects and delight current customers with personalized, context appropriate content.

Concept Building

Bring prototype ideas to life with creative concepts and storyboards. Build brand loyalty with cost effective, innovative IoT and wearable product extensions.

Prototypes & Pilots

VersaStyle’s product development managers ensure successful prototyping and pilot deployment by managing multiple partners, giving you the benefits of a diverse skill network without any hassle.
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