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Our Founder Chimeren Peerbhai was interviewed by Daniel Doherty at Digital Doughnut, a useful online and event curation resource for digital marketers aiming to bring the community together face to face.

Daniel was keen to interview Chimeren after overhearing her speak at an event about Augmented Reality, and wanted to gain her insights about how how it was being used in the states. She provided her international perspective to the London based blog on her opinion of the main differences between the UK and US marketing industries.

Interview of Founder Chimeren

WHEN: November 2013

WHERE: Digital Doughnut

ABOUT: Digital Doughnut connects the global marketing community both on and offline. Members of the community gain access to skills and resources, the latest thinking on key marketing topics, crucial insights and best practice learnings that enable them to make better business decisions. Digital Doughnut both leverages and provides value to the community by tapping into the collective intelligence of the network to create high value content that’s based on actual market conditions and informed by practitioners experience.

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